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Grand Champion Barbecue Contest

Grand Champion Winner

2004 Idaho Statesman Critic’s Choice
“Every once in awhile, a rookie comes along and shows the veterans how it´s done.”
2004 Thrive Supper Club
“I think they serve Eagle Rib Shack smashed potatoes in Heaven”

2004 Boise Weekly Food Critic
“If there is one thing that comes close to heaven on Earth, it is perfect BBQ. Although I am not a religious man, it is possible that a little slice of heaven was shorn off and dropped to this blue marble in downtown Eagle.

Thrive Weekly – Editor’s Choice Editor’s Choice: Eagle Rib Shack
“Alright folks, here’s one where we don’t really like playing favorites because the joints named for this award are all pretty tasty. But then again, if you’ve never seen Dan Kouba get all wiggy over something edible, it’s an experience you should have at least once in your life … And nothing makes Dan … well, darn wiggier than a trip to the Eagle Rib Shack for a tri-tip BBQ sandwich and a serving of their smashed- up, cheddar-infused taters. Downright scrumptious!” Thrive Weekly, August 8, 2005

2006 Idaho Statesman – Best of Treasure Valley Best Barbecue

2006 Idaho Statesman – October 17, 2006 Treasure Hunt Columns by Jeanne Huff

Hungry? We were famished. This time, I knew right where to go: The Rib Shack at 360 E. State St.
I grew up on Kansas City-style barbecue in Kansas City (if you’re from there, you pronounce it: “Kansas City,” just fyi). I know my barbecue. This is good barbecue. We both got the 1/4-sandwich size — still as big as my head — burnt-ends. I had smashed potatoes and the five-bean baked beans for my sides; Diona had the beans and the cole slaw. I am salivating while I write this, no joke. It’s delicious. I will caution you, however, on using the No. 7 hot sauce. I brazenly sopped some on my white bread and took a b-i-g bite. For the next 30-40 minutes, I was wiping away alligator tears. “Man, that must’ve been hot!” Diona said.

Owner Andrew Petrehn grew up in Kansas City. “When I moved out here, I kept complaining about it (that there wasn’t any barbecue), and I had to do something about it,” he says. At first, Petrehn practiced at home on Saturdays. His friends and neighbors soon figured out that was a good day to stay home. “They egged me on,” he laughs. “I used them as guinea pigs.” Those are some lucky guinea pigs. The place has racked up awards, along with its steady-all-day-long flow of customers. Just serve it on the patio, James

2007 – Boise Weekly September 26, 2007 Editor’s Choice
Best $82 Sandwich
Von Esson hotels in the United Kingdom currently sell the world’s most expensive sandwich—their platinum club sandwich weighing in at more than a pound with a price tag of about $200. Eagle Rib Shack’s monster price tag (their most expensive sandwich, for the record, is $117.30) heaps on 6 pounds of meat and feeds a small clan of carnivores (around 16 people).
The personal sizes are much more affordable, requiring between $8 and $12, and come with sides. Get your 6-pound sandwich in pulled pork, sliced pork, ham, beef brisket, tri-tip roast, burnt ends, beef ends, pork ends, turkey breast or shredded chicken. (P.S. their ribs rock, too.)

2008 – Meridian Mayor Tammy de Weerd
We are delighted to welcome this distinctive new dining option to downtown Meridian. Andrew Petrehn is an experienced restaurateur with a terrific reputation and clearly knows what he’s doing when it comes to good food and great barbecue. Andrew’s Rib Shack will be a great family-friendly gathering place and a perfect complement to our downtown’s existing shops, offices, and restaurants.”

Andrew and gang,
Just wanted to say thank you for your mouthwatering food.
I recently went to Kansas City on business and felt it would be a good opportunity for some great BBQ. We were taken to Fiorella’s Jack Stack in Kansas City. We were told that they are ranked #1 in the nation by Zagat. The place was really spendy and the food presentation was good and well, we ate dinner and it was good, but my buddy and I looked at each other and commented simultaneously… “well, that was good, but it’s no Eagle Rib Shack!”. We were at a fancy restaurant with all of the bells and whistles and all I could think about was your burnt ends on a Styrofoam plate, sitting on the back patio with a cold beer…. Basically your food is simply heaven, and tastes like it should be illegal.
So just a simple note to tell you that the #1 rated BBQ in the nation can’t even compare to your food. Keep up the good work, you guys do an incredible bbq and I know food, it’s my job to know good food.
Bill Long
Sr. Food Technologist / P.D. Associate
PowerBar / Nestle Performance Nutrition

2008 – Idaho Statesman Food Critic Guy Hand 4/18/08 By the time you stumble through the front door, you should be drooling, drawn to that smell like metal to a magnet (Read Full Article)

2008 – Boise Weekly Best of Boise
First Place: Eagle RIb Shack. It’s a restaurant that started on a bet when owner Andrew Petrehn entered and won the 2003 Thrill of the Grill barbecue contest. Now, it’s a haven for Treasure Valley carnivores with beef, chicken and pork prepared the way the gods of barbecue intended. The Rib Shack bills itself as “Barbecue with Attitude,” and we have to agree. Vegetarians beware; this is not a place for you. Watching your cholesterol? Don’t bother coming. This is a place for those who love barbecue in a big way.
Second Place: Andrew’s Rib Shack

Reviews of Eagle Rib shack From
Barbeque lovers get your fill here!
5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended
11/20/2008 Posted by SpeedyGon
Best BBQ Ribs in Boise.Their potatoes are to die for. I do make it a point to visit here at least a couple times during a short visit in hopes it will last till I return. I wish they had more seating as it is hard to meet friends but they told me they were looking for a bigger location. They had me try a taste of the meats so I would get what I liked. They stay busy mostly by word of mouth. Prices are right and you get plenty. I love Goodwood Restaurant too. My two tops. I can’t wait to return. The closest I have found in my area is Red Hot and Blue Restaurant. They don’t have those potatoes though.
Pros: An unforgetable place
Cons: Needs bigger seating area

Smoked heaven on earth
5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended
11/14/2007 Posted by beaconlight
Even thinking about Eagle Rib Shack while writing this review makes my mouth water. Though I now live in Portland, I luckily have a job that brings me to Boise often. And every time I am in Boise, I do everything I can to get to the ERS. Though I have my favorites, almost everything I have tried has been good, if not great. My favorites include the baby back ribs, sliced brisket, smashed potatoes, baked beans, burnt ends, and Texas, Original, and Memphis sauces. The food is made with patience and experience and you can taste it in every bite. If you like barbecue, you will love the ERS. If you love barbecue, you will be in smoked heaven on earth. Andrew, see you in a few weeks!
Pros: Smoked meats, smashed potatoes, parking
Cons: seating during busy times

best ribs anywhere
5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended
05/06/2007 Posted by hot_socks
The rib shack is just the best place for ribs. Huge selection of meats and sauces, I want them all so chosing is difficult. I can’t wait to go again. Happened across this place on my way back to Oregon, so glad we stopped.
Pros: Great ribs, outdoor seating
Cons: limited indoor seating

Best in the state
5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended
08/14/2005 Posted by jim6943
This small place in Eagle is with out a doubt the best bbq place in Idaho. An amazing attention to the details of good “q” causes the offerings to be as consistant as they are good. The ribs,chicken,pulled pork and brisket are as good as you will have. The side dishes are equally enticing. Smashed potatoes and baked beans are winners on their own.I recently had tri-tip and it was not only the finest tri-tip I have ever had, but it was possibly the best piece of meat I have eaten. You must try the Rib Shack!
Pros: great food, fun place, pleasant employees
Cons: parking

Trip – rated Eagle Rib Shack #1 of 36 restaurants in Eagle

“Never thought I’d find great BBQ in Idaho…”
Eagle Rib Shack
5 of 5 stars
Dec 30, 2007 Its not just the ribs, brisket or burnt ends that are great. The sides stand on their own and not as an afterthought. The potatoes are just as incredible as the meats. I buy takeout from this place for my out-of-town guests.

“Amazing BBQ”
Eagle Rib Shack
5 of 5 stars
Nov 5, 2007 The Eagle Rib Shack has the best BBQ this side of Kansas City. More choices of meat than you can shake a stick at, smoked right on the premises. Monster sandwiches, amazing ribs and sides to die for. You better be hungry – these guys don’t mess around!

“Finger lickin’ good”
Eagle Rib Shack
5 of 5 stars
Dec 30, 2008 New to Boise, and so happy to have the Eagle Rib Shack within 20 minutes driving. And I’ll happily drive that distance when I have a hankerin’ for ribs. I like the pork baby back ribs best, with sauce on the side for dipping, rather than having it slopped all over the ribs. They have a variety of bbq sauces that are supposed to represent different bbq regions (Carolina, Texas, Memphis, etc).

Finger-lickin’ good! Seriously their food is amazing! I was at an event last weekend that they catered and they nailed it. The stuffed mashed potatoes were unbelievable, their brisket with endless sauce options was amazing, 5 bean baked bean were yummy… everything was delicious. The servers were very polite, got the impression that its a family run business.

From Linda, a first time customer.
Hi Andrew. It was amazing and all 45 of us loved it. You did a great job. Thank you so much.